Wednesday 27th April 2011 the second Guinness World record trial

A second Guinness World Record trial was organised on Wednesday 27th April 2011. This time a modern, high specification decibel reader was used. ANV Measurement Systems had heard about Smokey’s Story and the thwarted World record attempt and they knew they could help out.

ANV Measurement Systems are the World’s second largest manufacture of these very technical sound measuring devises and they are based at Milton Keynes which is only 20 miles away from Smokey’s home in Northampton in the United Kingdom. ANV very kindly offered the use of one of their machines from which a data print would be easily obtainable.

This time Smokey’s team were determined that everything was going to be purrrfect. To ensure that high quality video was produced, Northamptonshire newspapers that had been covering the local story organised a film man, a photographer and a reporter to witness the World record attempt. Also present was Diana Johnson from the UK Charity Cats Protection and Alisdair Tait from Digital-Nomad photography. Smokey’s sound recording was again monitored by Ray Meadham, Curriculum manager from Northampton College.

Smokey was a little unsettled this time and was paying little attention to any bribes of ham waved in front of her nose however she still did produce a loud purr.

Her purr was measured at peaking 67.7 decibels when measured at a distance of 1 metre away. (LC peak of 86.3.)

We believe this to be around 14 times louder than your average cat would purr.
The Data print out and all the supporting evidence was sent to Guinness World Records in London by Tuesday 3rd May 2011.
On Thursday 5th May 2011 Smokey was officially declared by Guinness World Records the LOUDEST PURRING CAT IN THE WORLD.
Unless you know of a louder purring cat. The challenge is on.


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