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How to be a Record Breaker
The following guide is taken from the Guinness World Records Book 2011
A record must fulfil four criteria. One, it has to be measurable- that is you can take a tape measure to it, or weigh it or count it. Two, it has to be singularly quantifiable, three, it has to be breakable or really significant for example the first man on the moon. Four, it has to be interesting to as wide a range of people as possible.
Each year Guinness World Records receive around 65,000 claims.

  • Think of a record or find a record that you think you could break. Look in the Guinness World Records Book for ideas.
  • Visit and click on “apply now” and tell Guinness World Records about your idea. This may take about 3 months to process due to the large number of enquiries made.
  • The Records Management team will access your claim and may seek an expert’s opinion.
  • If your record category already exists, we’ll email you the guidelines that the last claimant followed. If it’s a new category – and Guinness World Records like it- Guinness World Records will create new guidelines and e-mail them to you.
  • If Guinness World Records like your idea you need to read and follow the guidelines for your Guinness World Record attempt.
  • Practice
  • When you are ready to attempt your Guinness World Record you will need at least two independent witnesses and produce video and photographic evidence. Invite the press, too!
  • E-mail your evidence, your video footage and signed witness statements and whatever else was requested in the Guinness World Record Guidelines
  • Guinness World Records will watch your video, assess your witness statements and consult with any necessary governing body or expert.
  •  If successful -Congratulations- if you are a Record Breaker, Guinness will send you an official Guinness World Records Certificate.
  • Lucky ones will be featured in the Guinness World Records book.